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True organic-aerobic earthworm or compost tea cannot be bottled up indefinitely. It can however be bottled up for a short period of time, but after around 72 hours, the oxygen loving microbial life will consume all of the remaining oxygen and your bottled up tea will begin to go an-aerobic with an unpleasant odor, making it of no use to your garden, plants or crop.

With our worm tea vending machine, you decide when you need to apply the earthworm tea. Once you apply our earthworm castings tea, all of the beneficial microbes and fungi will find all of the food and oxygen they need to keep flourishing and dividing to benefit and enhance your crop of choice. 


In Store Worm Tea Maker


Check below to see if your local hydroponics carries a Long Worm Tea Vending Machine. Fill up our 1 gallon jug or bring your own clean 5 gallon bucket with fresh, live, and activated premium earthworm castings tea. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 gallon of our tea to 10 gallons of de-chlorinated and filtered water.

Gallon Jug Concentrate


True aerobic worm tea cannot be bottled up indefinitely. It can however be bottled up for up to 72 hours as long as the aerobic microbial life has oxygen. Once you've bottled up the tea though, the enclosed gallon jug acts like a fish tank without air and becomes green with an-aerobic and un-beneficial bacteria, this is why we write a 3 day out expiration date each gallon jug that is capped.

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