Container Grown Medicinal Cannabis

Chemical Free Water and Feeding Program

Growing a high quality cannabis while maintaining quality control for a chemical free product can be risky, costly and time consuming. With so many expensive synthetic nutrients on the market out of your control, quality control is a concern resulting in failed commercial sales ability.

Earthworms have long been known to not only provide the highest quality active and live aerobic beneficial microbial and fungal life, but also balance out major, micro and trace mineral nutrients to their natural state. Aerobic microbial life will also maintain a healthy soil fungal development during growth.

Here at Long Worm Ag Products, we only feed our worms a multi year tested high quality blend that includes 25 selected biodiverse and healthy composts from multiple sources keeping the earthworm healthy to break down and balancing out the major, minor, and trace minerals resulting in positive certified lab testing results.

While commercial manure fed worm farms end up with low N-P-K values and potential risky pathogens, Long Worm maintains pathogen free and N-P-K averages of 1.1-.7-.6 values simply by:

1) Keeping our worm farm and worm tea oxygen rich at all times.

2) Capturing the leachate tea dripping from the  bottom of the worm bins.

2) Re-oxidizing the leachate tea with a chemical free aeration tankage system.

3) Rehydrating our worms with the leachate tea for their source of water.

With all that said, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you a cost effective watering and feeding program. Our Worm Tea Maker-250 will multiply worm castings microbial life 4,000 to 1 in a 250 gallon tank of water and is used as your source of plant water. Combined with a weekly top feed regimen addition of our premium castings, you will produce a chemical free, higher quality product for the market.

Typical Feeding Program

1) Mix 2 cups of Long Worm Premium Castings per gallon of your preferred soil mix.

2) Plant your clone or seed, leaving 3" from the top soil to the top rim of your container.

3) Dilute 1 part Worm Tea to 10 parts water for the first 2 weeks.

4) Dilute 1 part Worm Tea to 5 parts water for the next 2 weeks.

5) During vegetative stage, dilute 1 parts worm tea to 1 part water. Add 1 cup of premium castings to the top soil twice per week.

6)  At finishing stage, dilute 1 part worm tea 10 parts water. Add 1 cup of premium castings to the top soil once per week.


CBD Crops

CBD enhancing program

Due to the difference in locality soil and water profiles, Long Worm Ag will analyze your most recent soil and water lab results to make any suggested feeding earthworm tea feeding rates. With that said though, cost savings will save you money, enhance your production and our product cost will not vary to a large degree.

Typical Feeding Program

1) Allow Long Worm consultation of your most recent soil analysis to suggest needs to balance your soil health.

2) Pre-irrigate and pretreat your field with injecting 6 gallons per acre of Long Worm Tea.

3) Divide watering schedule to add 100 gallons of worm tea per acre per grow per year.