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Long Worm Ag Products brings to market a difference in Bio-Diversity products. Plants and Crops can be grown, producing a healthier and better quality food and chemical free product. We stress a no till or minimum till operation that includes a no pesticides, no herbicides and no fungicides use to prevent the extermination of your beneficial microbial, fungi and earthworm life in the soil.

When earthworm tea is foliar sprayed, it has been shown that the saliva contained in the earthworm castings coats the injured area of a plant and also traps in the beneficial micros and fungi that fights off harmful wind born bacteria's and fungi while the plant heals itself. Kind of like a band aid on a cut. 

Earthworm Tea should smell pleasant and earthy. The earthworm teas' aerobic fungal and microbial life requires food to multiply and >6 ppm oxygen rich water to stay alive and dormant until the food supply returns. On the opposite end of the microbial spectrum is anaerobic microbes and fungi that are NOT beneficial for your plants and soil. Bottling up any compost tea will soon become anaerobic and SKUNKED with a putrid odor. This is because the beneficial aerobic life ran out of oxygen in the closed up bottle. Long Worms Tea maker continuously provides the oxygen needed to keep your beneficial microbial and fungal life healthy until you are ready to apply to your plants or crop for only pennies per pound earthworm castings equivalency.

Call us at (661) 342-1712 if you would like to discuss a plan to bring your soil life back to a healthy balance.